Summer classes

ISB has been a motivating influence promoting the growth of the classical ballet in our city and province.
In 1990 we conducted the first summer intensive to be offered in Calgary. It was held at the Nat Christie Centre and brought students from across Canada and the USA.
From 1990-2011 we hosted an annual Summer School of Excellence (2-3 weeks) in July featuring internationally acclaimed teachers from Canada, the USA, Europe and Russia.
For the past 5 years our students have auditioned and been accepted into acclaimed summer programs, nationally in the USA and abroad.
We support their desire to expand their horizons and encourage intensive summer training in respected schools and companies outside the city. 
To support serious training without interruption, we now offer a schedule of intensive summer classes at the ISB for June, July and August.
Students from across the city can maintain their condition while gaining valuable technical and artistic progress with these specialized classes.
The ISB is very pleased to offer the addition of special summer classes to our curriculum. These classes are designed to further the students stamina and conditioning over the summer months, as well as enhancing their technique and artistry.
All ISB students Grade 5 and up are strongly encouraged to attend. We welcome students from across the city and visiting dancers.




“Classical ballet encompasses a wealth of opportunity and guidance for the young generation.  It offers a strong foundation of sound physical development.  The specialized training also instills concentration, discipline and dedication.  These building blocks produce self-awareness, confidence and harmonious teamwork.”
— Umran Sumen