Our Mission

"The International School of Ballet is dedicated to the growth and development of classical ballet as an integral part of our culture. The International School of Ballet is actively involved in bringing the beauty and discipline of classical ballet to the community of Alberta. The International School of Ballet is deeply committed to a high caliber of training to maintain the respected tradition of classical ballet as a valuable art for everyone. At the International School of Ballet, technique, correct physical development, and personal discipline are balanced with pure aesthetic vision, emphasizing the joy, beauty and tradition of classical ballet. This is the focus of the International School of Ballet. 

We are proud to share our vision with the community."

- Umran Sumen


The International School of Ballet (ISB) offers a unique and authentic education in classical ballet. With an enhanced Royal Academy of Dance curriculum for all levels, ISB is a supportive community of passionate students and teachers with a deep commitment to technique and performance. Whether you’re searching for a fun learning environment, pre-professional or professional training, ISB strives to make your ballet aspirations work with your life. Please click below to see the full list of ISB classes.


ISB was founded by Umran Sumen in 1988 and has since seen students accepted by professional dance companies around the world. Along with a team of accomplished staff, Mrs. Sumen has created a ballet school that is sophisticated and competitive on the global stage.