If you would like to register for the 2019-2020 ballet season at the International School of Ballet, please fill out the following form.  After submitting you will receive an email from the ISB office within 5 business days.

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1. Registration fee is $ 50.00 per student. It is a one time payment and non-refundable. 2. Tuition is to be paid at the time of registration. 3. Fees are paid monthly or by the trimester; FALL (September thru to November and June). WINTER (December thru February). SPRING (March thru May). Postdated cheques, first day of September, December and March are required upon registration. 4. Classes are to be enrolled on a per season basis, beginning in September and ending in June. 5. DISCOUNT: Families with Two or more children enrolled, will receive a 5% discount for each child. 6. The school offers R.A.D. examinations for all levels. Fees are set by Royal Academy of Dance. Cost of piano and/or renting of exam studio will be shared by the exam students. 7. There is a $ 40.00 charge for all returned cheques.
Rules *
1. The dress requirement will be strictly adhered to as established by the school. 2. There will be only special “viewing days” scheduled at which parents are invited to watch classes. Students will receive written bulletins and notices of interest. 3. Teachers in the school make all decisions (approved by the director) on the placement of students and on exam recommendations. “Advancement” in the school is not automatic. Each dancer’s development is individually designed. ABSENCES AND MAKE UP CLASSES: Consistency is critical in ballet training. At our school, taking classes “once in a while” is definitely not acceptable and must be remembered at the time of enrolment. Students can make-up classes missed because of illness or injury but only if the office has been previously contacted. Conflicting personal activities can never cause excused absences. Therefore, please do not demand make up classes missed because of alternate activities. Rehearsals, performances and attendance at dance events are excused since they constitute an important part of our curriculum 4. No changes to class registration can be made by the applicant or the applicant’s family, and no reimbursement will be issued within the trimester. 5. Students with serious medical problems, which prevent their attendance for more than three weeks, will receive a pro-rated refund upon presentation of medical certificate. 6. There are no make- up classes or reimbursements other than those mentioned in items 4 and 5. 7. CANCELLATION POLICY: Students have the right to cancel any time before the first day of a trimester. As an example; Cancellation for the Spring Session is before February 28. No refunds can be given unless written notice is received before these dates. Refunds will not be given in any condition, once a session has begun. June payment is not refundable. 8. Students cannot take classes, if there is a negative balance from the previous trimester. 9. Each student will attend the classes which were designed and decided by the director, and cannot be changed in the term without approval of the director. 10. Late Payment Fee: If you do not pay the amount owing by the due date, a late payment fee applies to the total outstanding balance. The fee is 1.00 % per month (12.68 % per year) of the outstanding balance. 11. The International School of Ballet reserves the right to cancel any student’s contract at any time. Furthermore, the International School of Ballet also reserves the right to suspend or expel any student for misconduct. Additionally, the International School of Ballet reserves the right to cancel a student’s contract due to the misconduct of his or her parents. Misconduct is any form of behavior that the International School of Ballet deems to be unfit and not confirming to its standards. 12. The International School of Ballet has the right to change, update, cancel, re-schedule and alter any classes it sees fit at any given time when necessary.
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