BallEt ProgramS



Early Childhood Ballet

Make the first step the right step.

The International School of Ballet offers a delightful introduction into classical ballet with their early childhood program. The fundamentals of movement, musicality and dynamic interaction are explored in a stimulating and positive setting.  The class structure is designed to encourage children to discover the joy of dance while learning the essential foundations of the classical ballet vocabulary.



RAD Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet

Pre-Primary is when students advance to performing their syllabus before an examiner of the Royal Academy of Dance.  The children look forward to this special day with joy, pride and confidence. Primary follows and motivates the young dancers to continue progressing in their training.  The RAD exam is available to this level providing a goal while challenging them to learn and to grow and conquer new steps.

Now they are ready for Grades as the beautiful journey into the world of ballet continues. 

RAD Graded Ballet

After Primary level, the students enter the Grades, Grade One to Grade 5.

This progression is a significant development in their education.  More intensive ballet training lays the foundation for their physical prowess, musicality and artistry.  They gain strength, confidence and self-awareness.  This important foundation is gained in a positive environment, nurturing pride, discipline and personal dedication.

Upon completion of the Grades the students move up to the Vocational levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced One and Advanced Two



RAD Vocational Ballet

The Vocational levels include: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced One and Advanced Two

Entering this stage of classical ballet training requires intense dedication and commitment.  It represents a synthesis of body, mind and spirit.
Now, we are opening the doors for the potential of a future professional career in dance.

The ISB director, Umran Sumen, shares her rich background with her students.  She is closely involved in the training of all the levels.  Her vast education includes 9 years of study with Enrico Cecchetti's own pupils, Molly Lake and Travis Kemp.  Upon graduation she worked with Sulamif Messerer, a legendary master of the Vaganova technique.

The ISB offers an enhanced curriculum with Master Classes in the Vaganova and Cecchetti techniques, Classical Repertoire as well as the full range of the RAD syllabus and examinations.  

The director of the ISB, Umran Sumen, shares her rich background with all the students.  She is closely involved with all the levels of the school.  Her knowledge, experience, and understanding of the great tradition of the fine art of classical ballet is the essence of the International School of Ballet.  It is a unique advantage which is reflected in the quality of instruction and vision.

Life lessons are taught from studio to stage and beyond.  Those individuals who choose a different career bring the focus, discipline and hard work of their ballet training to their chosen field.  Graduates share a unity of personal ethics and moral purpose.

All ISB members receive the same high calibre of instruction.  The training is not divided into professional or general status.  The goal is inclusive to every student who is guided with the attention and detail of the highest professional standards. 

Solo Seal

The Solo Seal is the highest honor granted by the Royal Academy of Dance, the most eminent dance organization, worldwide. Very few dancers can attain this level.

To qualify for the Solo Seal a student must receive Distinction in their Advanced Two examination.

In 2006, Alexandra MacDonald, our student since the age of 5, achieved the Solo Seal. Alexandra was the first Albertan in 35 years to receive the award.

From 2007 - 2010, 4 more ISB students were awarded the Solo Seal.

They are our role models and a constant source of inspiration.

ISB Solo Seal Awarded Dancers 

Alexandra MacDonald - 2006 (National Ballet of Canada, First Soloist)

Merin Litchfield - 2007 (lives in our memory)

Allie Bertram - 2007 (artist of stage and screen)

Kayley Winfield - 2008 (Edmonton Citie Ballet)

Laura Vande Zande - 2010 (Alberta Ballet)


For more information on the Solo Seal Program, please contact us.

“Classical ballet encompasses a wealth of opportunity and guidance for the young generation.  It offers a strong foundation of sound physical development.  The specialized training also instills concentration, discipline and dedication.  These building blocks produce self-awareness, confidence and harmonious teamwork.”
— Umran Sumen